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July 9, 2024

Chai Sutta Bar In Bhatinda City, Punjab

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Chai Sutta Bar is a popular hangout spot for the young crowd in Bhathinda city, Punjab. Chai Sutta Bar is to offer our cultural mix and unique values to every corner of the world. We started it seven years ago, did great projects, and achieved incredible marks. The 550+ permit outlets, 320+ cities, countless kulchas, and global presence say it all. Without any limits, Chai Sutta Bar is now spreading with wings made of people’s love and affection. The Chai Sutta Bar franchise partners enjoy huge margins and impeccable yearly growth. It is effortless to start a journey with a tried and tested business model based on a high return on investment. However, tea is becoming the most consumed beverage, and this industry has enormous growth potential. Take the first step and become part of a constantly growing family—partner with the most trusted brand on the market.

Why is the Chai Business So Popular in India?

In India, tea is considered the perfect beverage for various events. If you stroll down any Indian neighborhood street, you will undoubtedly see chaiwallahs (tea sellers) warming up a hot masala chai for their customers.

  • The most famous and popular beverage in India is tea, where 837,000 tonnes of tea is consumed annually.
  • In recent years, the tea cafe industry has been attracting the attention of investors as more and more urban consumers with higher disposable funds have started buying branded mugs of hot beverages.
  • According to a survey by the Tea Board of India, almost 88% of all Indian families drink tea.
  • Overall, around 64% of India’s people drink tea.

As such, tea shops in India offer good franchise opportunities. It is why so many of us are interested in the franchise cost of a Chai Sutta Bar.

Chai Sutta Bar

Chai Sutta Bar is a popular hangout spot for the young crowd in Bhatinda City, Punjab. The place offers a unique combination of tea, Making it a local favorite.

Chai Sutta Bar is a rapidly growing tea chai established in 2016 by Anubav Dubey and Anand Nayak and later joined by Rahul Patidar. Known for its quality and world-class services, the company aims to serve India’s favorite beverage, chai, in an environmentally friendly way by using khula.

  • Address: Main Road, St No, Bhatinda City, Bhatinda – 151005 (Near Ghorda Wala Chonk)
  • Timings: Mon-Sun: 9:00 am to 10:00 pm
  • Type: Quick Bite Outlet, Coffee Shops, Tea Lounges
  • Year of Establishment: 2022
  • Services: Home Delivery
  • Serves: Coffee, Fast Food, Tea
  • Contact Information: 07947416433

People found Chai Sutta Bar by searching for

Chai Sutta Bar In Bhatinda City, Punjab (1)

#1. Bombay Grill By Ik

Bombay Grill By I.K. has a friendly and well-trained staff, providing quick service in a clean and child-friendly environment. The delicious food and efficient service make it an excellent place for a family meal.

  • Address: Bombay Grill By I.K, Main Bhatti Road, Batinda, Bhatinda – 151001 (Beside Momomia)
  • Contact number: 08197617102
  • Timings: Mon-Sun 10:00 am – 11:00 pm
  • Type: Sandwich Shop, Delivery, Cafe, Coffee Shops, Pizza Outlets, Snack Bar
  • Serves
  • Coffee, Non Veg, Desserts.
  • Rating: 4.2

#2. Hangout Garden Cafe And Retro

Hangout Garden café Food has some pizza, sandwiches, and twists, and it’s 100% worth it for their prices.

  • Address: Bathinda, 100 Feet Road, 100 Feet Road, Bhatinda – 151002 (Near Maheshwari Chowk)
  • Contact number: 09980821680
  • Timings: Mon to Sun: 10:30 am to 10:00 pm
  • Year of Establishment: 2020

#3. Beans N Brewers Café

Sometimes, we prefer sitting at home and ordering delicious food instead of going out. The food was fantastic – everything we tasted melted in other entrances. The menu had a good selection of dishes.

  • Address: Sco 5253, Model Town Phase 3, Bhatinda Industrial Area, Bhatinda – 151001 (Near Dadi Poti Park)
  • Contact: 08460420935
  • Timings: Mon-Sun: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • Type: Sandwich Shop, Bar, Cafe, Casual Dining, Quick Bite Outlet, Bakery, Coffee Shops, Pizza Outlets, Snack Bar
  • Average Cost: Price For Two: ₹ 260
  • Rating: 4.0


Chai Sutta Bar presents a compelling business opportunity for a potential Business franchise in India.

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